Matthew 16

The question asked of Peter is the same question Jesus asks each and every one of us, “But what about you, Adam, who do you say I am?” The answer we give pretty much is the most important answer to any question we could ever be asked.
Truthfully, when it comes to Jesus we have only three choices to who He could be.
1. He could be a great teacher or a prophet.
If we are being honest, this is how a lot of us look at him today. We see him as an amazing teacher. A MAN that knew some great things and taught us how to live a life that was worth living. He taught us how to handle other people and taught us that love was greater than anything else.
Large groups of people still view him this way today.
2. He was a crazy person.
I mean he did claim that he was the Son of God. Who does that? Not even Muhammed claimed that. Surely, only someone out of the ever loving mind would believe all the things about himself that Jesus did. However, its hard to believe so many people would have followed him if he was as crazy and that the message would have lived on for so long.
3. He is exactly who He and Peter claimed he was.
Once we begin to see Jesus for who he truly is, it changes everything. It allows our whole way of life to be changed merely by proclaiming him as Lord. See, once we proclaim Him as Lord, that means we follow him – it means his ways are now our ways – it means where he calls we go. It means quite literally our life has been handed over to him.
A lot of the problem in the Church today is we have lots of people who say they believe Jesus is Lord, but truly we only regard him as a great teacher. You see, when Jesus is your Lord, you trust him for your everything. You strive to be more like him, you stretch out your hands to the same people He did.
So, this morning he is asking you the same question. Who do you say I am?


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