Matthew 17

We all have mountains in our lives that seem impossible to move. Hope may seem lost and we may not know how to get around them.
For some it may be our jobs. We feel like we are stuck, there is no room to move forward, we will never make enough money to make ends meet, and we loathe going to work everyday. Not to mention our rude boss and our extremely difficult co-workers. How will it ever get better?
Or maybe its your marriage. It seems marriages in the world are falling apart more rapidly than before. Your spouse just doesn’t seem to ever get it, your kids never seem to make life any better, and you have lost hope that you will ever feel any real love again.
Whatever it may be, there are situations in or life that seem to be unsurmountable. However, Jesus tells us that if we just have faith, the mountain can move. Can I be honest? I have wrestled with this scripture for years because I have seen so many well intentioned Christians make people feel worse. When we tell people, hey don’t worry, if you just have enough faith, God can fix it, and then they don’t get the outcome they want, are we telling them they don’t have enough faith? Is that what it really means?
What if I pray and fast, and give everything I have for something and really believe God can fix it, but he doesn’t, does that mean I don’t have enough faith? Maybe. Sometimes. However, sometimes I think it means, God didn’t think it best for us to have what we were praying for. Remember that boyfriend/girlfriend you prayed for in High School you knew you were supposed to spend your life with but never got? What about that job you prayed for, and really believed God would give you, only to find out after not getting it that the entire position was dropped.
What if, sometimes, our mountains don’t move because we have put faith in the things WE want, and not asked God to give us the desires of HIS heart? So what is it for you? How can God move that mountain in your life? Can you pray for him to give you His resolution and leave your own behind? The choice is yours.


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