Matthew 7

The hardest thing for a believer is not to hear the Word of God, or even to understand it. No, the hardest thing for a believer to do is to hearth Word of God and put it into practice. For some of us, what we have heard contrary to our fleshly nature; or it may mean giving up too much of what we have acquired – friends, family, wealth.
Sometimes putting His Word into practice means being contrary to the world and allowing everyone to know you are doing something different. Honestly, this is hard for most every person to be completely different to the common rule.
However, here, the words of Jesus compel us to be different – to not only hear and understand, but put to practice what we have heard. As we start the new year, it is time for us to heed God’s call upon our lives. What has he been teaching you, as you read His Word, speak to discerning friends, listen to sermons, that you have yet to put into practice?
Is he calling you to be more involved? Is he calling you to lay friends or family aside? Is he calling you to be more diligent to focus on your primary calling? Whatever it is, today is the day you can start putting His Word into practice.


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