Matthew 8

The entirety of chapter 8 is filled with miracles that Jesus preformed on the people around him. From the man with leprosy to the centurion’s servant, to Peter’s mother, the power of Jesus is showcased throughout this chapter. Then in this small moment, we find Jesus on a boat with his disciples. The storms have raised, Jesus is sleeping, and his good men have begun to freak out. You know, the ones that have been walking with him and saw all the things we just mention happen.
Why should’t they freak out? Jesus has brought them out here and he is asleep in the boat. Obviously, not too concerned about what is going on. They finally after getting Jesus to wake up get to see what Jesus is capable of, after giving them a little rebuke, Jesus calms the wind, and the storm with just his words. After which the disciples make this statement about Jesus. Isn’t it pretty amazing they say this as if in complete amazement after already seeing what he was capable of?
In our lives, we need to know and have the same type of revelation these disciples did in that moment – that Jesus is capable of anything. As you are going through the storms in your life and are wondering why Jesus has left you, what if i were to tell you sometimes he has led us into the storm. Do you not think Jesus knew that storm was coming and yet he led them anyway. He wasn’t concerned, he went to sleep. In your life, when the storms rage and want to overtake you, just know Jesus is with you, and he is so sure he can get you through it that he could take a nap if he wanted to. Don’t give up, don’t get scared, know the King of all creation is walking with you and can lead you through it. So long as you trust him.
Are you trusting him today? Or freaking out in your own spirit?


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