Adam Bowman


Job Title: Senior Pastor

Describe your job: I give direction and vision to our leaders and help to guide our church to the places God has called us to go. I get to meet with people who are far from Jesus and lead them into a personal relationship.

Home Town: Nicholasville, KY

Describe your family: When Jennifer and I were dating, we had life goals: drive a bus, have a home that is in a constant state of disarray, and live a hectic fast paced life.  To make all of these dreams come true, we have decided to have 6 children; You can’t drive a bus with only two!


Beach or mountains: Beach.

Early Bird or Night Owl? I used to be a night owl, but have turned myself into a early bird… I think.

Sports or arts? Sports, definitely sports. I don’t even understand most art, people tell me squiggles are amazing, but I don’t get it.  I’m not sure I am smart enough.

Creative or administrative? Yes

Italian Food or Mexican Food? Mexican, and for me, its not even close.

Coffee or Tea? Coffee. This is almost laughable.

Ice Cream or Froyo? Whichever is closer and cheaper, did I mention I have 6 kids?


Most embarrassing moment: There was this time, that I wore a sweatshirt with glitter paint; it wasn’t my fault.

One place you would like to visit: The Holy Land

One thing about the staff people don’t realize:  They work really hard behind the scenes, to make sure that the world can come to know Jesus better.

The best movie of all time is clearly: A Christmas story, or Juno, I can’t decide if wanting a official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle, with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time, or maybe an etch-a-sketch is better.

If you had to do one other job in a field outside of your own, what would it be: I would  design robots.  Not the kind to take of the world, but the kind that kids play with.

Everyone should read: Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley, The Dark Tower series Stephen King.

Most played on your playlist right now: Newspring Worship