Daniel Palmer


Job Title:

Youth and Outreach Pastor

Describe your job:

It’s my mission to lead authentic student discipleship, developing strong biblical foundations in our teens, counseling them and their families in times of need, and seeing them come into the full glory of God’s will for their lives.

Home Town:

Dallas, TX

Describe your family:

Jazmine and I have three beautiful, insane children. The boys: Harley Benjamin, and Beau Elijah. The girl: Dylan Abigail. Jazmine is from San Antonio, TX. Aside from being an amazing wife and mother, she also enjoys yoga, women’s ministry, and retail therapy.


Early Bird or Night Owl? 

Night Owl. All the way.

Sports or Arts?

Arts! I’m a huge art-nerd, and actually sell some of my own artwork online.

Creative or Administrative?

Both, as needed.

Italian Food or Mexican Food?

This feels like an unfair decision to force someone to make.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee, please.

Ice Cream or Froyo?

Either, as long as it’s coffee flavored.


Most embarrassing moment:

Stick around me long enough, and you’ll witness the next one yourself.

One place you would like to visit:

I’d love to go sailing somewhere off the Spice Islands. If you feel like giving me a boat, let me know.

One thing about the staff people don’t realize:

Ministry is difficult. Where most businesses and even non-profits have an easily measurable goal, success in the Church can only be measured against the Word of God, through the Holy Spirit. We’re not in it for the money. We’re in it for you. We’re not investing in product. We’re invested in you. Your church’s staff has a genuine emotional, spiritual, and mental dedication to helping you get closer to Christ–that’s it! So next time you see your pastor, remember give him a high-five.

The best movie of all time is clearly: Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back. Duh.

If you had to do one other job in a field outside of your own, what would it be?  I’d run my own comic book shop!

Everyone Should Read: ALL THE TIME.

Most played on your playlist right now: Life On Mars? by David Bowie