Faron Franklin


Job Title: Evangelist

Describe your job: I am the preaching minister of the congregation.

Hometown: Shelbyville, KY

Describe your family: I have 4 boys that mean the world to me.


Beach or mountains: Beach

Early Bird or Night Owl? Both

Sports or arts? Arts

Creative or administrative? Both

Italian Food or Mexican Food? Mexican

Coffee or Tea? Both

Ice Cream or Froyo? Ice Cream


Most embarrassing moment: Too embarrassing to tell. 

One place you would like to visit: England

One thing about the staff people don’t realize: They are deeply compassionate about their work.

The best movie of all time is clearly: Jaws

If you had to do one other job in a field outside of your own, what would it be: Funeral Director

Everyone should read: Besides, the bible, The Shack

Most played on your playlist right now: Sermons