Mark 5

We love to read the miracles of Jesus and the miraculous things he has done, but I especially love this story of Jesus and the healing of this woman. There are often a few ways we like to preach on this verse, we can talk about hawse had this issue for so long, and still God was able to do what no one else could and I believe that with all my heart. However, my favorite part of this entire scripture is the woman’s faith.
When I have heard this verse preached, or have preached it myself, we like to focus on how the woman believed if she just touched his clothes that would be enough to heal her. She had faith to believe that Jesus was powerful enough and strong enough to take care of something that no one else could, but there is more. She not only had enough faith to believe he could do it, but she allowed her faith to move her enough to take action and do whatever it took to get closer to Jesus. She didn’t wait for him to come to her, she went after him with everything she had and pushed through the crowd.
See, many of us believe and have faith that Jesus can heal us, or give us our hearts desires, or lead us down the right path, but many of us don’t allow our faith to redirect our lives. True faith, moves us. If we truly believed we would run after Jesus and posture ourselves in a place where we can get what we believe he is capable of.
So many times our faith is just a head faith but not a heart faith, and Jesus wants our head to move our hearts closer to him and position ourselves for the miracle he wants us to have.
One of the reasons I love us reading the Bible together is it gives us an opportunity to make our head faith our heart faith. Have you been praying for a breakthrough in your life? Get closer to him, do whatever it takes to push through the crowd so you can hear his words to you clearly and see what he can do!


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