Matthew 24

There is tons of talk about the end of times and when it should be. I love after walking through this chapter Jesus gives many different analogies of what the end times will look like. The reason I love this analogy the most is because it talks about protecting, not our home, but our lives and family, our salvation.
Jesus tells us if a homeowner knew when someone was coming to break in he would be on guard and watching his house and waiting for it to happen. He goes on to say we should continue to guard our lives the same way as if we don’t know when the end is coming but prepared for when it does.
I love this because it speaks to those of us who want to want to find God for when the time is right. To those of us who will finally, really start obeying his word, once we get a few things out of our system first. It tells us, we can’t wait to get all of the sin and shame in our life sorted out for when we feel like it, start taking care of those things now before the thief gets to destroy us and its too late.


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