Matthew 6


This verse is so contrary to the American dream. In this life, we are taught our happiness comes from building an empire. We are taught happiness comes through a bigger checking account, more possessions, more vacations, bigger houses, a bigger title, and the list can go on and on. From these facts alone, we are taught it is most important to just keep acquiring more and we will be much happier, but you can find many people who have acquired these things who still lose out on happiness.

Most of this comes from a real lack of relationship with Jesus. A smart man once told me he could check my bank account and see what is most important to me by what I pay first. The principals of first fruits even tell us we should put our first to God, making him the most important.

It isn’t just money though, its our time. What are you pouring a majority of your time into? What are you making reasons to do and what are you making excuses to get out of? As the year begins, it is time to put your heart, your time, and much more invested into Jesus first. How can you give him more of you time and attention this year? Where can you be involved at church that you weren’t before?


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