Psalm 1

One of the reasons I wanted to start this Bible reading plan as a body of believers, is I truly believe there is no better way for us to grow than to get deeper into the Word of God. To truly know him is to know more deeply his heart, and to truly get a picture of his heart we need to know how he thinks and reacts and there is no better way than to dig deep into the Word and instruction on life he left for us.
Here in Psalm 1 we find we are blessed if we have our delight in his word and meditate on it day and night. I know for most of us, when we first start reading his word it can be a chore for us, something we have added to the list that we need to do to get by, but I am hoping and praying by now if you have stuck with us, you are beginning to find your quiet time much different, that you see it in a new light and are starting to actually enjoy reading and meditating on the Word of God. I am hoping and praying that much like the Psalmist says, it has become a delight in your life as you begin to learn more about what God has for you in your life.
Have you not started reading with us yet, or gotten behind? Don’t worry, don’t try to play catch up, just start with today’s reading Psalm 1 and 2 and Matthew 25 and come along for the ride!


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