There Is Blood On My Bible

The book of Hebrews often gives great insight into Divine truths within just a few words.  Read these words, “Therefore not even the first covenant was dedicated without blood.  For when Moses had spoken every precept to all the people according to the law, he took the blood of calves and goats, with water, scarlet wool, and hyssop, and sprinkled both the book itself and all the people, saying, ‘This is the blood of the covenant which God has commanded you to perform’” (Hebrews 9:18-20).

That book truly was a sacred message from heaven.  Because of this, Moses took the blood of animals and dedicated this book, which was sanctified and made holy by God’s use of that blood.  The remnant of that blood was a visual reminder of how special every word found in it was.  One could not look at these words without seeing the blood which God used to dedicate it.

When Jesus came, He brought a far greater blood—His own blood. The Hebrew letter spoke of “the blood of the covenant,” but He revealed a newer covenant made sacred by a far greater blood.  As He instituted the Lord’s Supper, He took the cup and said, “This is My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins” (Matthew 26:28).   Blood of the new covenant—think of all that this implies.

His precious blood was shed and used to dedicate the New Testament.  While it might not be visible as was that blood sprinkled on the Old Law, with eyes of faith we should see His blood as we turn every page.

There are many books in this world.  Solomon said, “Of making of books there is no end” (Ecclesiastes 12:12).  There are 29,000,000 in the library of Congress.  There are 151,575,778 total items in this library, but only one is tied directly to the blood of Jesus.  His blood is the blood of the new covenant.  His blood is precious and so is His book.  His blood is holy and sacred and so is His book—The Bible.

What is the value of all the books in the Library of Congress?  What is their worth?  I do not know, but this I know, all of them added together do not have the value of that one book in all of our homes!

So, the next time you sit and read your Bible, remember to see His blood on every page.  See His blood in every chapter.  See His blood in every verse.  See His blood in every paragraph and every phrase.  Look at every word, for remember that we cannot live by bread alone but by every word which comes from the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4), and see the value of every single word in your Bible.

When you do this, you will never find study of the Bible as a burden. You will not find Bible classes as just something to be endured.  His blood is on every page!


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